Wikimedia Pakistan does more when it works with organisations that share our goals. We’re looking for inspiring partners and sponsors to create a great event that brings change to Pakistan-related coverage on Wikipedia.

We are an organisation of volunteer enthusiasts. We know Wikipedia inside and out, and we are continuously looking for partners in Pakistan to work with. We holds regular outreach events to raise awareness of Wikipedia mission to the general public.

Are you:

  • A cultural institution with a media collection you would like to share with a wider audience through Wikipedia?
  • An academic institution aiming to include Wikipedia in your curriculum?
  • A news organisation willing to raise awareness of Wikipedia?
  • Organisation willing to sponsor prizes and giveaways for our annual competition winners?
  • None of the above, but still really enthusiastic about free access to the world’s knowledge and interested in sponsoring Wikipedia outreach events.

The Wikipedia community is mostly volunteers, and they are enthusiastic about discussing Wikipedia. It is helpful when organisations host Wikipedia community events where people can meet and edit Wikipedia together. These kinds of events happen regularly.

Please contact us and we will see how we can work together. By supporting Wikipedia, you’re supporting free knowledge around the world.

Increased content on Wikipedia means increased public awareness.