Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find a soup I’ve ordered before. Why not?

Some of our soups are seasonal and only available for a limited time. For example, our Potato and Corn Chowder and Chicken Poblano Chowder were recent favorites that are no longer in stock. We aim to offer a variety of flavors and recipes throughout the year. We welcome your feedback!

I received a pie with streusel on the side. How do I bake it?

Click here for baking instructions! / view nutrition label

Can I order two kinds of soup since there are two containers?

Right now, our order management is not set up to mix and match soups within a package. But we hear you! We hope to offer two-soup selections in the future.

Where do you currently ship?

We ship to all 50 US states, but because contents are perishable, we do not ship to PO boxes, and we do not ship internationally.

Where do the packages ship from?

The packages ship from Salt Lake City, Utah.

How soon will my order ship?

Please note that we limit outgoing shipping days to minimize how long your package will be in transit since not all carrier areas get weekend deliveries.

In the summer, Standard Shipping orders go out Monday-Wednesday only. If you order Standard Shipping on Thursday or Friday, your package will leave the following Monday. Express and Overnight Shipping orders go out Monday-Friday. Orders placed on weekends, holidays, or after 4:00 pm MT will leave the next outgoing shipping day.

In the winter, all orders go out Monday-Friday. Orders placed on weekends, holidays, or after 4:00 pm MT will leave the next outgoing shipping day.

What is the shelf life of your soup?

We guarantee our soup will arrive fresh! It is packaged to withstand 3 days of transit in the summer and 5 days in the winter. Once soup arrives, please refrigerate immediately and enjoy within 3-5 days. Soup may also be frozen upon receipt to enjoy later on!

How soon will my order arrive with Standard Shipping?

Standard Shipping deliveries arrive within 2-3 business days, depending on location. Please note that to protect perishable packages, we only ship Monday–Wednesday in the summer and Monday–Friday in the winter.

What is the cut-off time for shipping out today?

Our order deadline is 4:00 pm MT Monday through Friday. We make every effort to ship these orders on the same day. Orders placed after 4:00 pm or on Saturday–Sunday will ship out the next business day. 


Occasionally, we adjust our order deadline to reflect high capacity times. If so, you’ll see a countdown timer for orders on our website.

Does the recipient have to be home to receive their package?

They do not! We ship via UPS and we order our packages to be Shipper Released, which means that signatures are not required. We do encourage you to let the recipient know a surprise is coming so they can be on the lookout. You will receive tracking information when your order is shipped and will have the option to sign up for alerts through the tracking link.

How do you preserve the freshness of your soup while it’s in transit?

Our soup is prepared and packaged in small batches under USDA supervision.  Immediately after packaging, the soup is “blast frozen” in our molecular freezers to lock in freshness and preserve the integrity of the product.  Each container is then wrapped in our proprietary insulated liner with gel ice packs and is intended to thaw in transit to its destination.

Where can I find ingredients and nutritional information?

Please visit our Nutrition Information page for ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts. You’ll also find these details on each product page.

What is the salt content of your chicken noodle soup?

Our classic Chicken Noodle has 700mg of sodium per serving—and it’s delicious!

Do your cookies have nuts?

Our cookie recipes do not include nuts, but they are baked in a facility that uses peanuts and tree nuts.

Are you Kosher certified?

Not at this time… however, we are looking into it!

Are you gluten-free?

We do offer gluten-free soups and gluten-free and vegan cookies! Please note that while the ingredients of these items are gluten-free, the soups and cookies are produced in the same kitchens as our other products. This may be an issue for some people with severe gluten reactions.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes – Many of our seasonal soups are vegetarian! Tomato Basil and Garden Vegetable are our current offerings.

What kind of container does the soup ship in?

Our soup arrives in two 32-ounce tubs. These are made of polypropylene, an FDA-approved, food-safe plastic. This plastic is BPA-free and does not contain phthalates (it’s even used in surgical and medical devices). Containers can be used in the microwave and come with a washable bonnet that doubles as a splatter cover. We believe in packaging that’s functional, reusable, and a little charming, too.

How do I manage or unsubscribe from your emails?

If you wish to choose the number of emails you receive or unsubscribe (we hope you won’t go!), click on the “Unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of every email. You can also click this link to go to our Email Preferences page where you will enter your email address and select how many emails you’d like to receive.

How do I unsubscribe from your text messages?

To stop receiving text messages from Spoonful of Comfort, simply reply to a text with the word STOP to alert our system. You can choose to start receiving messages again at any time by texting the word SPOONFUL to 42085.

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